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OUR FOCUS IS ON YOU / It’s Your Pool – Not Our Pool

At Rowley International Inc, our approach is completely client-centered and customized. Though we have earned the reputation for unmatched quality, innovation, and integrity in every aspect of our work over the last 30 years, we don’t start a conversation with you thinking we know what’s best for you.

We start each project fresh, asking the right questions, and truly listening to learn about your real, everyday needs. This is your pool – your design, and your programming. Our decades of front-line experience give us the know-how and wisdom to bring your vision to life in the best possible way. Learn more about How We Work >





The pools and aquatic facilities we’ve designed and engineered speak for themselves: They have the highest levels of success and sustainability in the industry.

We are not affiliated with any pool equipment manufacturers, which leaves us completely objective and free to design and engineer mechanical systems using technology best suited to your specific needs and wishes.

And we do it right the first time. In fact, we are often called upon to come in to rectify faulty engineering or design features of pool facilities designed by others. This presents clients with unnecessary and costly delays.




LEADER in SAFETY / Keep Constituents Healthy & Happy

Every one of our pool projects meets or exceeds the most stringent safety and Health Department standards to date. It is worth noting that Dr. William Rowley's extensive research and publication in the areas of suction entrapment and Cartridge, Diatomaceous Earth and Hi-Rate Sand Filters - along with his research, expertise, and innovations during more than 40 years of experience as a licensed professional engineer - inform and benefit all of our design and engineering efforts. Also included in these efforts is a plan for permanent media filtration, to maximize efficiency, and for comprehensive chemical containment, for the safety of patrons and personnel, and the longevity of the pool.



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To accommodate responsible budgets as well as conservation concerns, we are big proponents of integrating green technology wherever it makes sense for our clients. We have worked extensively with LEEDS-accredited architects to design pools that meet the highest standards of these evolving technologies. In fact, Rowley International is a leader in using solar energy to heat pool water.




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LEADER in ABOVE-GRADE POOLS / Create the Extraordinary

Above-grade pools are a special breed. When designed and engineered correctly, they are amazing to see and to swim in, often offering astonishing views and wonderful atmosphere. They are very tricky to build, however, and the challenges presented by such projects are so great that taking risks by taking shortcuts can be extremely costly to all parties involved. It is critical that you choose a firm that is licensed, insured, and experienced with the unique challenges found in the engineering of above-grade pools.

We are licensed and insured, and our experience and success with this specialty pool are unmatched. We will build an awe-inspiring, beautifully functional above-grade pool anywhere – at any elevation, in any city and country around the world. And we’ll do it right. View our Above-Grade Portfolio.

Please call us at (310) 377-6724 to discuss your unique requirements, or to get answers to any questions you might have. We look forward to assisting you.

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